Problem Gamblers Addressed in New Jersey Online Casino Regulations

New Jersey and Nevada are becoming pioneers in the online gambling industry, and each regulation the two states come up with paves the way for other states to follow.

The latest example of that came Friday, when New Jersey regulators posted a draft of expected regulations for Internet casinos. One of the stipulations in the draft has to do with how the state plans on dealing with potential gambling addition problems.

Each gaming company that wins a license in New Jersey will have to pay a $250,000 annual fee for gambling problem resources. The state is taking a proactive approach to curbing problem gambling, and the $250,00 annual fee will give the state the resources to aggressively treat and prevent gambling addiction.

“That figure is a high figure, but one that sends a message that just because there is online gambling, that does not mean there will be an increase in problem gambling in New Jersey,” said Analyst Grant Freed. “It is a figure that sets the tone around the country.”

One of the loudest cries from gambling expansion opponents is that increased gambling will bring increased addiction. That was one of the rallying cries for Internet gambling opponents as well, but several states have shown the propensity to address the issue before it becomes a problem.

Maryland launched land-based casino gambling several years ago, and the state has become a leader in preventing and treating problem gambling. Maryland’s proactive approach has led other states to follow, and create more avenues for gambling addicts to deal with potential problems.

All eyes are on New Jersey and Nevada as they get set to launch online casinos. Nevada has opened their first Internet poker room, in a beta form. New Jersey plans to do the same by the end of the Fall.

In addition to the $250,000 annual fee licensees will pay, a $400,000 gaming permit fee will be due at start-up.

The next step for New Jersey will be a 60-day period when residents can make comments on the drafted regulations. At the end of the 60-day period, a final version of teh regulations will be drafted and placed into affect.

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