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When online betting news breaks in the states, will report on it here. But our editing guidelines will also be geared towards relating international betting news to the United States. For example, the UK has been regulating online casinos since 2005, so they now have almost a decade of information on the industry and when they publish reports on gaming the US will be closely watching, studying, and learning from the developments.

Although the US is not the leader in this burgeoning industry, the federal and state governments are in a position to follow the successful examples, and avoid the previous failures, of countries that have already given their citizens the freedom to bet online.

Below you will find the latest news related to online gambling in the United States.

Stalemate on Gambling in Florida Continues – Only Politicians Win
The Florida gambling industry is repeating the same pattern of lobbying, promises, hope and dejection, year after year with no progress ever being made.
South Dakota Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino Eyes Internet Gambling
One of South Dakota's largest casino resorts is making preparations for the eventuality that online gambling will be regulated in the state...
Problem Gamblers Addressed in New Jersey Online Casino Regulations
New Jersey moved closer to becoming the full USA online casinos state it promises to be as a draft of proposed regulations was published on Friday...
Alberta Gaming Revenue Generated By Problem Gamblers
A recent study suggests that nearly half of all of Alberta's gambling revenue comes from problem gamblers...
With Addiction Growing, Singapore Looks To Curb Online Betting
Singapore's gaming industry is growing, and that has the government concerned about a possible increas in gambling addiction...
Regulations Becoming Clearer In Nevada For Online Poker Players
Ultimate Poker launched last week in Nevada, and the online poker site has given some insight into how Internet gambling will be regulated...
Skillz Platform Goes Live With Real-Money Mobile Gaming
Gamers now have a new platform to enjoy their games as Skillz has launched a real-money gambling platform available on Android mobile devices...
Nevada Begins Testing Phase With New Online Poker Site
Nevada won the race to regulated online gambling this week when started accepting real money wagers on a trial basis...
PokerStars Company Ends Pursuit Of Atlantic City Casino
The parent company of PokerStars ended their pursuit of an Atlantic City casino this week, just a few months after agreeing to purchase the gaming facility...
No Break In Gambling Ban Law For Iowa
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad vetoed a bill this week that would have allowed gamblers to choose the amount of time they spent on a casino exclusion list...
Borgata Prepared To Take Operations Online In Atlantic City
The Borgata has gone on record saying they expect to be one of the first casinos in Atlantic City to offer online gambling...
Cyprus Looks To Avoid Financial Ruin By Adding Casinos
Cyprus is becoming the latest country turning to casino gambling as a way to help bring the country out of financial hardship...
Can Online Casinos Prosper With Real Dealers?
With online casinos gaining popularity, gaming companies have turned their attention to providing real-life dealers for the online games...
Russian Art Gallery owner Indicted On International Gambling Charges
A well-known art gallery in New York had its doors shuttered and owner arrested Tuesday on charges of running an illegal gambling operation and money laundering...
Illegal Online Gambling Operation Ends In Four Florida Arrests
Four individuals in Florida were arrested this week in conjunction with operating an illegal online sports betting operation...
California Joins Growing National Powerball Craze
On Wednesday, California joined the growing list of states that take part in the multi-state Powerball lottery...
Border War Has Kansas Cutting Into Missouri Revenue
Missouri is losing its grasp on the Kansas City gaming market as a new casino at the Kansas Sppedway is siphoning revenue from Missouri casinos.
Zynga Stock Soars As Platform Begins Real-Money Online Gambling
Zynga launched their first real-money gambling games in the UK on Wednesday, and investors acted accordingly as the stock price rose over five percent from the previous day.
Illinois Lawmakers Have A New Bill That Would Include Online Gambling
Illinois lawmakers have come up with a new plan for gambling expansion in the state, and the new bill includes an allowance for online gambling.
West Virginia To Add Casino Before Online Discussion
West Virginia may soon enter the online gambling market, but for now they will be content with adding a new casino and lowering the table game fee for existing casinos.

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